What Is a Living Trust?

A living trust is similar to a will, in that it lets you control who gets your property when you die; you can nominate beneficiaries, decide who will carry out your wishes (the successor trustee, commonly referred to as the executor), and nominate guardians and custodians for your minor children, etc.

The main difference is that a will does not protect your estate from probate.

Probate is an expensive and time-consuming process that requires notifying the court of a person’s death, an inventory of the person’s property and value, providing the court with the last will and testament, and waiting to distribute the remaining property. Ask anybody who had to go through one, and they’ll tell you that is NOT something you’d like to experience.

The primary benefit of a living trust is that it avoids your beneficiaries having to deal with the expenses and delays of a probate.

Our living trusts include the Pour Over Will, and Power of Attorneys for Finance and Health, and they are drafted by our supervising attorney, according to your specific situation and your unique wishes, not created with software! The notary, as always, is included.

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We are now offering the possibility to draft your living trust over the internet and send it to you to have it notarized and witnessed. If you live far from our offices, it might be an option worth considering. In that case, we offer a $50 discount that you will be able to apply towards a Notary Public near you!

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