What Is a Living Trust?

Living Trust

A living trust is similar to a will, in that it lets you control who gets your property when you die; you can nominate beneficiaries, decide who

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Why You Might Need a Conservatorship


Suppose a person becomes incapacitated or unable to provide the everyday necessities for himself or herself. In that case, a family member or any other person can petition the court for a conservatorship. The conservator will be given the court-ordered authority and responsibility to manage the assets and finances and the conservatee’s physical care. A…

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What Is a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) is a document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your property, financial, or medical affairs if you become unable to do so. However, all POAs are not created equal. Each type gives your attorney-in-fact (the person who will be making decisions on your behalf) a…

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Changes In Paralegal Fees

If you wake up every morning with a very strong urge to log your sleep time toward some client or case account, chances are you work in legal services. For paralegals, hourly billing has become an ingrained habit. Accounting for how you spend your time, in six minute increments, every hour of every working day,…

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