Divorce And Family Law

Our legal team carefully prepares and files documents to cut through the complexity.

Family Law Services In California

We provide assistance to the general public via our document preparation service for California Divorces and Family Law matters. We are able to serve our clients with Divorce and other Family Law Matters document preparation.

Divorce is never easy, but there is an easier and less costly way to take care of the paperwork that is necessary to complete your divorce. We offer virtual appointments for your convenience.

When working with family law legal documents, we understand that the subject can often be sensitive and quite emotional for most people. We aim to take the stress away from the complexities so that you can move forward with your life in a constructive way.

Family law can often be a positive element for many people including marriage and adoption of a child. Here we outline some of the areas of divorce and family law that we specialize in helping our loyal clients.

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When a divorce is going to happen, this can be a very stressful and emotional time for our clients. We aim to assist you through the legal document process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Working hard to ensure that all divorce legal documents are completed accurately so that you don’t have to continue to carry the stress around with you. Whether this is a divorce with or without children, we can help prepare your documents.


The adoption of a child or even an adult is one of the most beautiful things a human can do. There are of course a number of hurdles that a family will have to jump through to make the adoption legally official, which we are here to help with. We love working with our clients on positive legal matters and often get to deal with our clients when they are at their best, rather than other family law matters. We make every effort to streamline this process so that you can enjoy life with the newest addition to your family.

Child Support

When parents of a child separate, it is common that child support is needed if a parent has primary care of the child or children. Essentially a contract is drawn up between the parents based on the child’s needs and the income of the parents. This is an agreement between the two parents and needs official documentation to make it legally binding on both parts. Our team of professionals assists our client, and their past partner, to complete this legal document process.

Request For Order & Modifications

A motion or request for order is the formal process of requesting the court for a specific ruling, action or other decision. In family law proceedings, a party can request the court to intervene on certain issues when an agreement cannot be reached. Some typical orders people ask for are custody and visitation of the children, child support, or spousal/partner support. But, there maybe be other orders like temporary use of an item of property, like a car, until the divorce or separation resolves the final division of property.

Child Support & motion or request for order is the formal process of requesting the court for a specific ruling