Mediation Services

Mediators are trained professionals who help disputing parties communicate productively together for the sake of reaching peaceful resolutions.


Mediation is a process where disputes between two people or groups of people get solved before any damage happens to either side’s relationship. Mediators act as the voice of reason between parties in conflict, making sure that any and all disagreements are resolved before they can escalate into insurmountable issues. They offer an unbiased opinion on proceedings to help provide a more positive outlook for both sides involved.

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The first stage of the mediation process is to decide if both parties want to attend. If they have already decided that mediation is best for them, then the next step is to contact their chosen mediator and make an appointment.
A Mediation Information Assessment Meeting or MIAM could take place if only one side has done research up front; such meetings are best conducted over the phone because they’re quick and efficient.

The mediator will help you get to the bottom of any dispute and if another party is willing, they can also be a part of this. The process starts by talking about what’s wrong in detail with both parties involved. From there, it may involve giving paperwork for one or more people who are interested to take next steps when applying through court themselves, should mediation prove unsuccessful.

A court application is a long process, so waiting for the same to be approved can take years. In order to avoid that time-consuming and stressful wait, you should attend an MIAM in person or by phone first which will help determine whether it’s worth your time pursuing mediation at all.


Mediation puts at your disposal an individual who has your best interests at heart, aiming for a fast, low-cost and low-stress resolution to your case through mutual agreement and with all parties retaining as much dignity as possible along the way.

By negotiating through mediation, you can work together, even in relationships that have completely broken down, to make more positive future arrangements. Furthermore, this gives you more independence than if a court makes those same decisions on your behalf. You get an ideal outcome that also has less of the time and money associated with it, making mediation truly worth exploring for many people.